Eimskip's track and trace is good to have when a shipper or a receiver wants to know where in the transport process his cargo is. At each Eimskip terminal the cargo status is registered and will show in the search results.

In the first column the date (1) of the last transaction and in the next column the timing of the transaction (2). In the third column the size of the shipment is stated, a whole container (3) or single pallets (3).

The Cargo Status (4) indicates the last transaction of the shipment and the last three columns say where the cargo was treated last (5) and on board which vessel (6).



All customers of Eimskip are encouraged to examine the Terms and Conditions of track and trace software in detail. The Terms and Conditions shall be regarded as part of the agreement between the customer and Eimskip. Click here to read full version of the terms.

Information provided by the track and trace software is based on the latest information available. Please observe that information is provided for ease of reference only. Eimskip shall in no circumstances be regarded liable, neither directly nor indirectly, for any decision made by the customer based on the provided information, or any consequences thereof.

Eimskip customers are advised to contact the nearest Eimskip office in order to receive detailed information.