Jobs at Eimskip

Eimskip employs a quality staff, with the company's values as a guiding light; ACHIEVEMENT, CO-OPERATION and TRUST. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Eimskip team, please apply.

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Handling of applications

All applications that are sent to Eimskip are handled as confidential. General applications are not answered specifically, but when the experience and qualifications of an applicant can be applied to an available position he will be contacted.

Applications for available positions are reviewed after the deadline for each position, and a group of applicants contacted for interviews. All applications for advertized positions are answered when the process has been completed.

All applications are stored at Eimskip for six months, and then deleted. If an applicant has not been hired within the six month period, and still requests employment, the application needs to be re-submitted. If an applicant requests that the application be deleted before the six month period comes to an end, please email the request to


A well prepared application

It is important to prepare the application well, as it is used to compare the qualification and education of applicants to requirements for open positions. Please note that a resumé and a cover letter can be sent as an attachment with the application. A well filled out application increases the possibility of an employment.

A clean criminal record is required of all Eimskip employees.


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