Iceland domestic

Eimskip operates on many levels in Iceland, including Eimskip Flytjandi (Iceland domestic transport), the Warehouse hotel (the country's largest warehouse) and ferry operations between the Westman Islands and mainland Iceland.

Eimskip Flytjandi offers daily routes to all parts of the country, all year round, as well as container distribution and collection in import and export. Eimskip Flytjandi also runs a widespread distribution service for individuals and companies.

Eimskip's warehousing services offer a state of the art Warehouse hotel in Reykjavík. Sundakælir cold store, and freezer storages Sundafrost and Fjarðarfrost in the Reykjavík area offer further services, with the latter operating extensive unloading services for trawlers.

Eimskip also operates the Westman Islands' Herjólfur-ferry with regular sailings between the islands and mainland Iceland.