Temperature guidelines

Information about temperature:


Information in the above table is only a guideline for goods carried in a temperature controlled container and shall in no way be considered binding information and/or does not provide necessary carrying temperature for the goods listed in the table.
Decision to use information in the table shall at all times be at Merchant´s risk and responsibility.
The Merchant undertakes to give Eimskip adequate information of a carrying temperature to be maintained before receipt of the goods by Eimskip, without regard to the information in the above mentioned table.
Eimskip shall neither be liable for any kind of errors which might appear in the table nor any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or costs or for loss of profit which is caused by using the information in the table.  As a result the information shall not have any effect on the legal relationship between Eimskip and the Merchant and/or any third party and those parties shall not have any right to rely upon the information in their legal disputes with Eimskip.
Eimskip’s Terms and Conditions for Transport, Eimskip´s General Services Terms and other applicable terms, as valid at any given time, shall apply to all transport and all work and services carried out by Eimskip for the Merchant, as the case may be.  The applicable terms can be found on Eimskip’s website www.eimskip.is.  Information in the above mentioned table shall not have any effect on those terms.