Vessel Agency services

Eimskip offers comprehensive port and liner agency services for all types of vessels ranging from trawlers to tankers to cruise vessels and regular liner services.


Eimskip Canada offers agency services to all the Atlantic Provinces as well as the French Islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.



Our services include:

  • Air freight   
    Eimskip can assist in sending / receiving air freight by employing Customs Broker and providing logistics advice. Cargo can be picked up / delivered directly to the vessel as well as civic addresses.
  • Crew change  
    Eimskip processes hundreds of crew changes per year.  Any vessel requiring a crew change can rely on Eimskip to arrange this; including air travel arrangements, accommodations, transportation to / from vessel or airport, and clearance of crew through Canada Customs.
  • Documentation  
    Eimskip is fully licensed to process vessels entering / exiting Canada through Customs.  B13’s, BOL, etc. can also be prepared on behalf of Cargo vessels.
  • Holding facility for cargo  
    Eimskip owns a bonded warehouse as well as a bonded cold storage that can house cargo for short or prolonged periods of time. 
  • License  
    Vessels registered outside of Canada require a port entry license to enter port.  Eimskip can arrange this with DFO and handle all the necessary paperwork associated with the application process.
  • Medical emergency
    Medical emergencies at sea are an unfortunate reality.  Eimskip has extensive experience in dealing with this issue and can be of invaluable assistance during these emergencies.  Our service includes liaising with Coast Guard, ambulances, and hospitals to ensure injured or deceased crew members get the attention they require and are relocated back to the vessel or home country.  Eimskip also has translators available from a multitude of languages.
  • Parts supply  
    Connected to a large network of marine suppliers, Eimskip can assist in getting parts necessary to vessel repairs in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ports  
    Eimskip can act as agent for any kind of vessel in any port call in the Atlantic Provinces as well as the French Island of St. Pierre et Miquelon.
  • Repair and fueling  
    Eimskip is connected to vast network of companies that offer any kind of repairs to vessels.  Hydraulics, cranes, engine, or structural repairs are easily arranged and in cost efficient manner due to Eimskip’s long term connection to these vendors.
  • Ship chandlering  
    Eimskip can provide any supplies required for the vessel that operate in the North Atlantic.  From spare parts to fresh produce, Eimskip is equipped to supply what is needed.  If you’d like to view a comprehensive price list of Eimskip food products please contact us for a catalog.
  • Waste management
    Eimskip can service your vessels sludge removal and garbage removal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.