Media center

Media communications:

Corporate communication and marketing department
Korngardar 2
104 Reykjavík
Tel. (+354) 525-7220

The company’s name:

The company’s name is Eimskipafélag Íslands, although commonly referred to as Eimskip.
The correct conjugation is as follows:

Nominative: Eimskip
Accusative: Eimskip
Dative: Eimskip
Possessive: Eimskips

Eimskip’s logo

The foundation of the logo is the letter "E" which refers to the name of the company.  The E in the logo is twofold and interconnected representing the business connections between Eimskip and its customers.

The blue color stands for Iceland and the connection to the ocean, while the grey /silvered color refers to valuables - the making of capital goods for Eimskip and its customers.
The dimensions and colors of the logo must not be altered, and those who use it should make sure that the guidelines are followed.


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