Press Release

​On Tuesday September 10th the Icelandic Competition Authority exercised a dawn raid at the premises of Eimskipafélag Íslands hf. and its subsidiaries, Eimskip Ísland ehf. and TVG-Zimsen ehf. on the basis of a ruling from Reykjavík District Court.  In relation to the discussions on Eimskip public disclosure the Company wants to provide the below information.

The Icelandic Competition Authority was granted an extensive permission to gather data and information according to the Reykjavík District Court ruling.

Eimskip has requested access to the information behind the Competition Authority’s request for court ruling. The Company has not been given access to the requested information and therefore it’s impossible for the Company to identify on what basis the ruling was issued or what the potential breaches involve. Therefore the Company is in no position to make any further statements on the issue than already disclosed in a notification to the Stock Exchange and all elaboration on the potential outcome of the investigation is premature and irresponsible.

In media coverage it has been stated that the Competition Authority has concluded gathering of information and will now start reviewing the data and information.  At this stage it is impossible to predict how long time that will take.  Eimskip anticipates that the investigation will be concluded soonest.

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