North Atlantic liner services

Eimskip offers the most efficient total Transportation Services in the North-Atlantic with a strong value chain for the customers. Eimskip connects the North Atlantic to rest of the world by linking the Eimskip North Atlantic Liner Services with its worldwide forwarding network providing integrated, reliable and cost competitive logistics solutions.

Eimskip operates 16 vessels in the North Atlantic, a mix of container vessels, refrigerated bulk vessels and multipurpose container/bulk vessels. Eimskip owns a modern fleet of reefer and dry containers  as well as special equipment.

Container services

Eimskip offers weekly FCL and LCL container services between Iceland and base ports in continental Europe, UK, Scandinavia and biweekly between Iceland and US and Canada.

Eimskip has a weekly service sailing each Wednesday from Iceland, Faroe Islands on Friday and scheduled to arrive Immingham on Sunday. The vessels can accept dry and reefer containers, flat racks, mobiles and heavy lifts. The schedule is timed to connect with the Monday fish markets in Hull, Grimsby and on the continent. Eimskip provides a full range of customs clearance and documentation services.


Eimskip has a weekly service direct ex Immingham to Iceland sailing on Thursday and arriving in Iceland on Sunday evening. LCL and FCL cargo is received in Immingham. Eimskip has a variety of equipment available including dry containers, reefers, flat racks etc. and can also accept vehicles and heavy lifts. All cargo must be pre booked on